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Fri 9 November


Fri 9 November


2011, USA, Thom Fitzgerald 93mins

A romantic road movie, Cloudburst stars Oscar®-winning actresses Olympia Dukakis and Brenda Fricker as Stella and Dot, an ageing couple who escape from a nursing home in Maine and drive to Nova Scotia on a quest to be legally married.


Stella and Dot have been together for 31 years and have faithfully accompanied one another through life's ups and downs. Now in their seventies, Stella is hard of hearing and Dot is legally blind. Dotty's prudish granddaughter, Molly (played by Genie Award-winner Kristin Booth), decides the best place for Dot is a nursing home that will provide all the necessities. This forces Stella and Dot to make a bold decision: they will leave their home town and make their way to Canada, where same-sex marriage is legal. It's a last-gap bid to stay together.


En route to Canada, the two women pick up a young hitchhiker, Prentice, played by newcomer Ryan Doucette. A small-town boy turned modern dancer, he is returning to Nova Scotia to visit his dying mother. Despite his bravado, Prentice is a confused and wounded soul who has much to learn from Stella and Dot as they wage their own unexpected battle – after three decades, can they keep their family together?

With equal parts humour and grace, Cloudburst explores the important themes of life, death and love through the eyes of this oddball trio.  



Venue: mac, Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham. B12 9QH

Time: 8.30pm
Preceded by the festival launch party from 7.30pm

Tickets: £5/£7

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